Skratch Labs @ ChefsCycle for No Kid Hungry!

July 14, 2014

Photos courtesy of Davey Wilson.

Miles of kale. Cauliflower as far as the eye can see, and miles and miles of strawberries so ripe their smells seemed to envelope the peloton. Only a group of chefs would return home from 3 days of challenging riding between Carmel, California and Santa Barbara and describe their experience this way.

Skratch Labs chefs Lentine Alexis and Justin Cogley were among the crew of 130 culinary professionals who poured out their enthusiasm + energy at ChefsCycle to benefit No Kid Hungry; a nationwide effort to stop hunger in American children by advocating for in-school breakfast programs to children whom might not otherwise have a healthy meal to start their day. The efforts of No Kid Hungry are particularly close to the heart of culinary professionals whom positively impact share their culinary expertise + knowledge outside of the kitchen, and whom organize once a year to raise awareness and funds for the cause through ChefsCycle. 

The ride is powerful for a myriad of reasons," says Lentine. "As chefs and culinary professionals, what job do we have if not to ensure that our communities are supplied with delicious, healthy food? Not just because food is entertaining and delicious, but because real, whole food helps us all thrive in the world." 

ChefsCycle is an important event, not only because it positively impacts the No Kid Hungry efforts in the United States and thus the well-being of American children, but also because the ride itself is helping to restore the well-being of professionals in the culinary industry. "The career of a chef requires standing all day, working long hours, and tasting constantly," says Justin. But that doesn't have to mean they have to lead unhealthy lives. Over the past couple of years, concurrently to his rise as an award-winning chef, Justin changed his life through sport. "I was a very unhealthy chef. I started running and won an entry into the Big Sur Marathon within a month. Everyone told me not to do it, that it would be a terrible idea. I ran after work at night. I did quite well. I said, 'Why don’t I do a Half Ironman or something?' I started riding and swimming, and I lost 30, I ride between 60 and 100 miles every Sunday. I did a 100-mile loop last Sunday. That’s my escape." "I was so inspired by the stories of these chefs," says Justin, " ...they're changing their lives by helping others, striving to end hunger, and that's all possible through ChefsCycle." he says. 

We're proud to have had pixel-powered riders on the course and send our congratulations to all riders on their tremendous fundraising and cycling efforts! 

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