The 6 Most Popular Skratch Infused Recipes

January 27, 2023


Our mixes get the job done for their intended purpose, but they can do so much more!

We put together our top 6 most popular Skratch infused recipes. These are great hacks if you are out of ingredients or want a lil Skratch boost in your snacks or drinks.

Skratch Electrolyte Poptart
Upgrade your morning breakfast or coffee pastry to a homemade poptart!

Skratch Recovery Pancakes
Workouts are so much better when you have some delicious to look forward to after, and these pancakes are IT!

Skratch Recovery Horchata Pumpkin Spice Rice Cakes
Forget the PSL (pumpkin spice latte), HPSRC (horchata pumpkin spice rice cakes) are the new fall winner!

Skratcharita - Skratch margs
Hydrate while you dehydrate! Skratch makes great mixers, ditch the artificial and dye filled cocktail mixes and try some Skratch!

Skratch Recovery Oats
Super quick and easy way to make a filling meal!

Skratch Electrolyte Popsicles
Get refreshed and hydrated on those hot days!

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