The Difference Between Recovery Mix & Chocolate Milk

May 02, 2024

Chocolate milk has long been touted as a great post-workout drink, and for good reason. It provides a combination of carbohydrates and protein that can help replenish energy stores and promote muscle recovery after exercise. So why might you opt to use our Recovery Mix instead?

🥛 Specifically designed for easy digestion, thanks to the inclusion of probiotics and lactase. These components aid in gut health and can be particularly beneficial for individuals with lactose intolerance, ensuring that nutrients are efficiently absorbed and utilized by the body. We've also got a vegan version if you want to avoid dairy altogether!

📏 A precise 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein - which has been shown to accelerate recovery more effectively than either nutrient alone. This ratio helps to rapidly increase blood sugar levels and restore tired muscles when they need it most, making it ideal for endurance athletes or those engaging in intense workouts.

💪 Complete milk protein which contains the highest concentration of essential amino acids compared to other protein sources (essential amino acids via blended protein sources in our vegan option!). These amino acids are crucial for muscle repair and growth, helping athletes rebuild stronger after strenuous exercise.

💦 Added electrolytes to aid in hydration, matching what's lost in sweat to promote better rehydration. We all know the benefits of being hydrated by now.

🏃‍♀️ A simpler ingredient list. Traditional chocolate milk can contain functionless ingredients to the body, such as dyes, carrageenan, "natural" flavor and artificial flavor. We keep it simple with ingredient and nutrient consistency you can rely on, milk, sugar, salt, probiotics, salt, and real food for flavor.

🎒 Shelf stable and more portable for convenience, eliminating the need for a blender ball or refrigeration.

All that is to say, you do you. Chocolate milk is still a great option. We found we could make some improvements to help people feel better, taste better, and perform better so if you want to refuel, rebuild, and rehydrate more effectively give it a try.

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