Loyalty Lab: Skratchlete Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

you sweat, we reward you

Thanks for your interest and being part of the Loyalty Lab: Skratch Athlete Rewards.
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How do I access member center, activity center, and rewards center?
You can log into your account here, and scroll to the activity and reward center to access activities and rewards you are eligible for. You can also redeem points for cash off at the checkout cart (when promotions and sales are not running).

How often can I submit for activities? 
Every activity is different! Your profile will tell you in the activity section what you have completed. Some activities will refresh monthly, every few months, and annually. Just peep in and check your account every now and then to see what you are eligible to earn more. Look for the Loyalty Lab emails as a reminder to check out and complete new activities. 

What purchases earn points? 
All purchases on skratchlabs.com will earn 10 points for every $1 spent on products or merchandise. You will not earn points for tax or shipping. 

Do points expire? 
If your account is inactive for 1 year your points will expire. 

What counts as an "active" account?
Doing one or more of the following within 12 months of your last Loyalty Lab activity:
Making a purchase
Receiving a perk/reward - This includes all perks except for earning points via the Birthday campaign.
Referral completion
Referral share
Redeeming points/coupons
Creating an account on the Skratch website

Discount and rewards stackable?
Discount codes for $ or % off cannot be stacked together nor can they be combined with sales. Redemptions for free products can be stacked and used during sales. Loyalty free product and cash off discounts from the loyalty drop down at checkout can be combined.

What's the receipt upload?
When you make a purchase of Skratch Labs products from a small and independently owned brick and mortar shop you can upload a receipt (please include the whole receipt -- date, shop name, itemized list) and received loyalty lab points for that purchase. Thanks for supporting local! 

Examples of what would not qualify, purchases from online only stores, REI, Target, Amazon -- we reserve the right to determine additional shops that may or may not qualify.

Your orders on skratchlabs.com automatically get points and you do not need to upload for points.

Can you let us know about sales early?
You can redeem for cash-off using your points at checkout or for products and swag in the member center if. Check your Loyalty Lab emails to be in the loop on upcoming promos. Plus keep an eye on places like Instagram and Strava for additional challenges, sales, and giveaways!

Give us exclusive content!
We will work on some Loyalty Lab exclusive content, we generally aim for inclusivity to help as many people as possible. But we also want to reward you for being the most engaged, so stay tuned for more!

Why am I not emailed when points go from pending to approved or when a new reward or activity is available?
This would trigger A LOT of emails and we don't want to spam ya. We prefer spam fried and in a rice cake.

How does referring work?
Share the love! Share the stoke! If you share your unique link with someone new to Skratch, they will get a code for $10 off their first purchase of $30 or more. If they make a purchase with your code, you will get 2,000 points (= $10) in your Loyalty Lab account. The must be a new customer and their referral code will not work with other coupons or promotions

What else can we expect?
New monthly activities, Loyalty exclusive giveaways, exclusive promos, surveys, insider news, member of the month shoutouts, education, recipes, exclusive swag and events! Surprise rewards, and whatever else we cook up!

Didn't find what you were looking for? Email us! Info@skratchlabs.com

This program is to help encourage you to be a better athlete and community member. If you engage in improper use of the program, we retain the right to remove your points or block you from the program.