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I really like the salty sour taste of this everyday hydration drink. Hope it’s not a one off and becomes part of the regular lineup

The perfect additive

Being a heavy sweater, I used this hydration mix to add to a scoop of regular Scratch in a 16 oz soft flax. This gave me the salt I needed without the extra sugar / carb. Now I get the electrolytes I need without feeling like I'm rotting out my teeth or overdoing it with the sugar! Love this stuff for customizing the beverage that best meets my needs.

Tangerine flavored

Was ok. Needs a little more flavoring to make it stand out. Love the orange but this was a little weak

Salted margarita! So delicious!

Have used this everyday since I received it 5 days ago. The taste is perfect! No too much, no sweetness! It makes getting my daily hydration enjoyable!

A great go to every day

I was surprised that I now enjoy this every day. Flavor is subtle so that is a plus. Not overly sweet. A plus in my every day drink.

This stuff is great!

I'm so happy to finally have access to a good, balanced hydration mix with no sugar and no sweeteners! This mix tastes good, and I feel like I can drink it all day in hot weather. All it needs is to come in a larger package - 30 servings doesn't last long for my husband and me in this heat.

Salted margarita flavor, no sugar OR artificial sweeneners!

I'm typically a lemon/lime person, and I LOVE the new salted margarita flavor!! It's light and perfect for days when I don't need extra carbs (I always need extra electrolytes...). Finally something with no sweeteners that actually tastes nice! Sometimes I'll mix it with one of the sweetened hydration mixes for extra electrolytes on long hot days.
I only wish this flavor came in individual serving packets for portability!

Excellent- completely unsweetened!!

I have been searching for a low- or no- sugar electrolyte since the emergen-c brand stopped their low sugar one a while back. I don’t want dyes, preferably no sugar but very low will do, or, as I discovered recently, also no artificial sweetener. Stevia in low quantities can be ok but most electrolytes contain so much of it I wince when drinking them. (Think LMNT and others - blech🤢)

Enter: Skratch Unsweetened. An ultra running friend of mine told me about this brand and that they’d just come out with an unsweetened version.


Mildly flavored with a few variety of citrus, it is perfect for everyday.

I also received a few packs of the regular electrolyte which, when I tried it, was bracing for sickly sweet, but even that is pleasantly mildly sweet in 1L of water. I haven’t tried combining the two yet but may do on a section hike coming up.

I highly recommend the unsweetened if you’re like me and have been searching for something JUST for the electrolytes and not as much the flavor or calories for continued energy during a workout.

I use these during/after daily workouts as well as the single packs for backpacking. My personal least-favorite flavor is tangerine (tastes too much like full orange emergen-c which is not my jam) but is good mixed with the lemon/lime! And the limited margarita lime is delicious with a bit more salty flavor!

High carb drink

Started using the scratch high carb drink on my long rides! It’s a game changer and the flavor is good not too sweet.

Everyday Drink Mix is What You Need

It's in the name - great hydration for day-to-day activities. Helps keep the hydration consistent and tastes much better than similar products. Skratch doesn't miss.