Super High-Carb Sport Drink Mix

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for your biggest days

  • Our Super High-Carb Sport Drink Mix (formerly Superfuel) was created for athletes who push so hard that they can’t easily take in enough calories to perform at their best.

    For years, we’ve preached fueling with real food, like our famous rice cakes or Energy Bars. Why? Because traditional fueling gels and drinks use carbohydrates that break down too fast to tolerate, causing gastrointestinal distress. But we get it -- you can’t always make or carry real food -- you want power in a bottle.

    We’ve discovered the answer in a better carbohydrate (with a funny name) that digests steadily, like real food does: Cluster Dextrin™.

    Super High-Carb gives you up to 400 calories, powered by Cluster Dextrin™, plus the electrolytes lost in sweat to fuel and hydrate your biggest days.

    We’ve tested this product for over 20 months with the world’s greatest athletes, including Gold Medalist Triathlete Gwen Jorgensen. It has allowed these athletes to drink their fuel on some of the longest and most intense events in the world when they can’t eat real food, without causing gastrointestinal distress.

    Use it when there's no time to chew. 


  • Lemon + Lime: Cluster Dextrin™ (Highly-Branched Cyclic Dextrin), Fructose, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Lemon Oil, Lime Oil, Lemon Juice, Lime Juice.

    Raspberry: Cluster Dextrin™ (Highly-Branched Cyclic Dextrin), Fructose, Cane Sugar, Raspberry Juice, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Malic Acid. 


  • To Use: Add 7 scoops to 8 fl oz of water. Shake vigorously. Add remaining 8-12 additional fl oz of water and shake again. For better mixing, let sit for 15 minutes before use.

    Provides up to 400 Kcals in a bottle. Use more or less mix per bottle depending on your caloric need.

    *Learn more about concentrating super high-carb to make a gel here.

    • Why is the serving size for the super high-carb drink mix’s 840g bag a 105-gram serving, but the portable single serving pouch for the same product is only 53 grams? Why 200 calories in a single?  
      Everyone is their own experiment with nutrition requirements. Our 200-calorie packet allows for an easier way to customize caloric needs. It also allows for better portability and product portion testing in training.

      Can I use more than one 200-calorie serving pouch in a single bottle?
      Sure can! The flexibility of the single pouch allows you to increase or decrease the amount depending on weather, activity, and intensity.

      How you use it all depends on how many calories you need to take in, and how much water you want to drink to get those calories. Think of it as food when you don't have (or can't chew) food.

      To learn more about best practices head to our Super High-Carb Science and Practice Blog.

      I’ve used the scoop from the super high-carb drink mix bag in the past to prepare my bottle. How many scoops are equal to the new portable single-serving pouch?
      Our High-Carb Drink Mix 200-calorie pouch contains the equivalent of 3.5 scoops of High-Carb Drink Mix.

      3.5 scoops or 1 x 53g packet Super High-Carb Drink Mix = 200 calories and 190mg of sodium

      7 scoops or 2 x 53g packets Super High-Carb Sport Drink Mix = 400 calories and 380mg of sodium

      You can always start with less and add more as needed, based on your caloric and electrolyte needs.

      How many calories do I need in my bottle? 400? 200? Another amount?
      Think of Super High-Carb as an easy way to carry a lot of calories to meet your needs. Ultimately, we recommend that you replace about 1/2 the calories you burn per hour to maintain your blood sugar levels and to make sure you don't run out of carbohydrate in your muscle (glycogen). Depending upon your fitness and intensity, 200 or 400 Calories may or may not be enough for you. So you can think of Super High-Carb Sport Drink Mix as a convenient way to get what you need without upsetting your gut. Don't think of this as what you have to consume. Consider starting by testing 1 to 1.5 pouches (or if using a Super High-Carb bag 3.5-5 scoops) in 16 oz of water and go from there.

      Do I need a separate bottle of Hydration Sport Drink Mix?
      One serving of Super High-Carb provides the equivalent amount of hydration as one serving of Hydration Sport Drink Mix. That said, 1 bottle or about 1/2 liter may not be enough to replace your fluid losses from sweat. So if you do need more hydration beyond one bottle, then our Sport Drink Mix still fits the bill. Realize that optimal hydration and optimal fueling are not the same thing. We don't always lose calories in proportion to the fluid we lose. On hot days, you may not even need Super High-Carb if you are using our Hydration Sport Drink Mix at a rate that matches your fluid losses, and therefore getting enough fluid and calories to meet your needs. On cooler days, you may find that you're burning the same amount of energy but not sweating as much, so based on your increased fuel needs and lower fluid needs, a higher calorie Super High-Carb bottle is a better solution. Think of Super High-Carb and our Sport Drink Mix as two very different types of tools. It's not that one is better than the other. One is a big hammer without a lot of fluid. The other is a little hammer with a lot more fluid.

      You can mix High-Carb with our other hydration mixes into one bottle but you’ll want to do some math and make sure you are getting an appropriate combination of carbs, sodium, and liquid to your needs and to avoid GI distress (too many carbs in too short of a period and you’ll be busting your gut…). This ratio can change depending on the weather, effort, and other factors, so test things in training and if you have questions, hit us up:

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 452 reviews
      Two Words: The Answer.

      I finally got around to using this product after buying it a few months ago but dragging my feet cause I was scared of bonking with a pure liquid fueling approach. I know, silly. Anyway, I finally took the plunge: did a 32 mile ride and used about 120 grams in two bottles for roughly 60 grams of carbs per hour. No solid fuel. No plain water. Just sip and ride. Results: an out of body experience. I was basically a machine. No cramps. No thirst. No hunger. Just a very gradual sense of doing the effort. I finished the 2.5 hour ride with less then normal fatigue at the end of the ride and generally feeling weirdly fresh mentally, but clearly fatigued from the effort.

      I cannot thank you guys enough for dreaming up this magic goo in a bottle. Cheers.

      bill l.
      Race fuel

      I like the high calorie blend, allows for less consumption of other fuels sources while racing. Its easy on the stomach and mixes well when adding extra sodium.


      Great fuel for my intense days in the saddle.

      Super High Carb Drink 1st time using

      I'm in my late 40's almost 50, I just used this product for the first time on a 103+ mile road cycling ride, averaged 19.5mph in 5hrs 19mins with no stomach issues at all. I'm non-dairy & have stomach issues in general. I really noticed that I did not have any leg strain during the ride even at the end I was able to keep my speed smooth. I enjoyed the non-sugary taste, it wasn't super clumpy, the taste stayed the same from early morning into the afternoon. Some drink mixes sour after sitting in bottles. No bad after taste. My stomach never soured from tasting the same product throughout the whole day which was a good surprise. I see why athletes utilize this product. I just wished that it did not take so many scoops of product. Not many uses in the bag. I would just want a larger quantity, 8 uses isn't enough for such a large bag of product. The smaller individual packets are nice but only contain 1/2 the calories so you have to use 2 at a time for the 400 calories in the description. I will say though the product works as stated. I have used multiple supplements from many different brands. Skratch does things right on many levels.

      Lindsay C.
      Ironman Kona World Championships fuel

      Used super high carb for 180k in last years 2023 Ironman Kona World Champs and I was able to stay very close to executing my power targets without gut compromises. I’m 2022 I used Carbo Pro which proved to not be effective in heat and humidity, made the switch to Super High Carb at roughly a mix of aiming for 300 cals/ 90g/ 300mg sodium per hour with great success! I was able to mix it in the 1 litre bottles x2 , hit the special needs to restock and use the front BTA for extra water only with great success, easy to drink and did not leave me thirsty, did not feel too thick ir give me gas or bloating , provided constant energy and kept my power on target despite the heat, full sun and humidity factors. Used it it heat train indoors for a 200k on Zwift and worked great in a controlled indoor environment and outdoor, used it for 2 hilly 70.3 with great results qualifying for worlds x2. I am so grateful to find a product that will go the distance and deliver higher carbohydrates with not an overload of too much sodium, with sweat testing in only lose 560mg per litre, very light on the sodium loss, so finding a whole product that has more carbs while keeping the sodium controlled was a relief. I had to create my own mixes before and now I do not, I simply add a gel if I feel I need a bit of a top up but this product fits my needs for endurance and All World Athlete results. Cheers Skratch! Well done! The Cluster Dextrin is a game changer!

      Perfect Fit

      This product has been a miracle. I have the worst stomach issues and when I found this product , I was able to perform at my best and push past limits I was unable to do before with my stomach. I use this product before college races and it has been great


      Drinkable carbs w/o gut rot and no fumbling in my pockets for food.


      A super high carb W 💪.


      Great flavor and easy to digest.

      Love this stuff!

      Brewed up full strength, this is my secret weapon for 100 mile and 100k trail races. I try to have about one for every 10 miles. That, plus water and gels, has kept me going without stomach upset. Top secret tip: get an immersion blender (aka 'stab mixer') and a 1 liter container to make each 500 ml dose the day before. Stick 'em in the fridge overnight and life is good.